Welcome to the Cyprus-Hungary Business Association


Greeting of the ambassador

Dear Visitor,

As the newly appointed ambassador of Hungary in Cyprus I greet with honour and appreciation all the members of the Cyprus-Hungary Business Association. As an ambassador I regard as one of the priorities of my activities to contribute to boosting the business relations between Hungary and Cyprus, and I would like to cooperate with you in this field as best as possible.

Both Hungary and Cyprus have struggled with serious difficulties in the past few years up until today. In both countries the respective governments don't spare efforts to counterbalance the problems emanating from the economic and financial crisis, and the measures applied often put a considerable burden on both the society and the business community. The latter also has an important role in paving the way out of the recession – it is only with its support that the measures devised by the governments can be successfully implemented.

The political relations between our two countries have been excellent; we share common views on a great number of issues. At the same time both sides realise that we are far from having exploited all the opportunities of cooperation in the field of economy and business. As members states of the European Union we should more actively use the opportunities provided by the borderless area of the EU.

The embassy of Hungary will do its utmost to widen the scope of business interactions between our two countries. I am confident that the mutual exchange of information, the widening of personal contacts will yield results and the business communities of both countries will grasp the arising opportunities.

Dr. Balázs Botos


Welcome Address by the President of the Association

Dear Business Friends of Cyprus and Hungary.

On behalf of the Cyprus-Hungary Republic Business Association, I welcome you to this website. Here you can find useful information about the Association, its members and the possibilities of doing business in Cyprus and Hungary .

Our Association was established under the auspices of the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry in January 2005 with the aim to promote, expand and encourage economic relations between Cyprus and the Hungary Republic. The Association is supported in its efforts by the Embassy of Hungary in Nicosia and the Cyprus Ministry of Commerce, Industry & Tourism.

The Association, through its distinguished professional members, encourages “networking” for the promotion and stimulation of business relations and investments in Cyprus and in Hungary.

The Website has been created to help bring business people with similar interests together. I hope that visitors will be interested to join the Association and participate in the Association’s business events.

Personally, I am delighted to be the President of the Cyprus-Hungary Business Association and I am looking forward to offering my services to the Association and its members, always in close cooperation with our dedicated associates at the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

Demetris Vakis




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